Matchstick Men

Just watched Matchstick Men. Good movie. Worth spending a few bucks. Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell did a great job, so did the girl Alison Lohman-- who I didn't know before. The movie's got a complicated scenario and I guess there's something missing at the end. Anyways, go watch and see if you get a little bit lost too.

13.9.03 @ 02:20 am by nema
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I'd Rather Be Simply "Human"

This guy called "human", "Homo sapien" and "tomato", "Lycopersicon esculentum". Read this article to figure out what's been wrong with him and specially with those who want to make his weird system even more complicated!

29.8.03 @ 11:57 pm by nema
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Pop Queens Kiss Each Other

This is history:

And these are the hot part of it:

28.8.03 @ 11:42 pm by nema
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How to Fight Breast Cancer

Some celebs have found a new way to fight breast cancer. I strongly support this method and advise other celebs to take this humane approach. hahaha!

28.8.03 @ 04:31 pm by nema
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Smiling Banned

Canada banned the public from smiling for passport photos.

Canadians must send a photo with "a neutral expression -- that means no laughing, smiles, frowning," said ministry spokeswoman Suzanne Meunier.
"The mouth must be closed," she added.

Closing the mouth is really going to be tough. I mean, I would love not to laugh in front of the camera but I can't help it when I remember I have to do it because of some morons' baseless bablings that turn out to be some ridiculous laws every now and then.

27.8.03 @ 02:04 pm by nema
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Breaking News

I'm a jerk.

27.8.03 @ 12:15 am by nema
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Almost Nothing

I couldn't spend more than an hour behind this LCD shit today and I found nothing to link or to talk about. But just in order to have an excuse for writing this post, I recommend watching this funny music video I saw today.

26.8.03 @ 11:48 pm by nema
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2 Music Videos

Billy S. by the 15-year-old Canadian artist, Skye Sweetnam (750 Kbits/sec, full screen, TV quality, Windows Media Player req.)
J'ai pas vingt ans (I'm not 20) by the 19-year-old French artist, Alizée (Real Player req., Quick Time Player video)

25.8.03 @ 11:52 am by nema
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Asshole Cleanser!

I definitely need one of these to solve my 18-year-old-everlasting-anal problem!
Look what a customer says about it:
"I am an oversized woman with arthritis. Reaching its nearly impossible. If it weren't for bottom buddy personal hygiene would be nearly impossible. I have one for home and one for my purse. It gives me the freedom I desire."

Wow! Now I understand what "freedom" really means! 


24.8.03 @ 07:25 pm by nema
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SpongeBob Game

There's a very nice SpongeBob flash game here. Go play until I'm back with a new post!

24.8.03 @ 11:05 am by nema
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